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With over 10 years growing and exporting fresh blueberries to the world, we felt it was time to make things different and began thinking on our most loyal companions, our dogs and cats. So we decided to move forward and create our super healthy and super delicious Berry Moon Powder packed with antioxidants.​

It all began because we were wasting tons and tons of good fresh fruit that our clients didn´t want due to small diameter, even though it had the same quality as the others. All of that fruit ended in the garbage. We then began to think how we could reduce to zero the disposal of fruit. So our goal became to process all the excess fruit not wanted after harvesting into powder for animals. Berry Moon powder is Lab Tested, it is natural and pure and maintains all the benefits and properties of fresh fruit. It is concentrated and also has a long shelf life.

Want to know how we came up with the name?

This Bullmastiff that you see in the pic is Luna (moon in spanish). She is a member of our pack, and a loving and caring guardian of our children. She goes wherever we go, and is always in a good mood and ready to give and receive love.

We took the berry in blueberry and moon (Luna) in her honor and voila! Berry + Moon = BerryMoon 

If you want to know more about Luna and her day to day, please follow her on IG @lunalabullmastiff