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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Did you know? Giving Berrymoon Powder has a positive impact on your horse´s health, especially in their digestive system. Blueberries are a natural remedy that help horses digest their food and restore balance to the intestinal flora.

Why give them Berrymoon Powder instead of fresh fruit?

Blueberries are a great source of essential nutrients and minerals. However, if you plan to feed the blueberries fresh, you have to make sure to wash and scrub them before giving them to your horse, this takes time and fresh fruit deteriorates very quickly.

The digestive system of a horse is very delicate. For this reason it is better to give them organic fruit cutted small so you don´t have to worry about the chemical residues and pesticides they may have. Our BerryMoon blueberry powder is an incredible solution: not only for its concentration of antioxidants and fiber, but also because it has a long expiration date.

The importance of fiber in digestion

Dietary fiber can help control blood sugar levels (glucose), prevent constipation, reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, maintain a healthy body weight and prevent diverticular disease. BerryMoon powder is an excellent source of fiber.

In the wild horses instinctively know what they need and what they don’t which is why they’ll often ‘snack’ on berries that grow wild. They’ll do this to help meet their nutritional needs, after all, blueberries contain vitamins A, B6, C, and D, manganese, copper, and iron amongst many others.

Fruits complete the diet beyond traditional supplements

Concentrated supplements can offer many of the nutrients found in fruits. However, it is difficult, if not impossible, to bring together the entire essence of a plant into one commercial product. This is not the case in our Berrymoon Powder, by putting a few tablespoons a day in their food, you offer your horse trace amounts of nutrients that nourish his body in a way that cannot be duplicated by opening a container. It is important to note, however, that filling the nutritional gaps created by a hay-based diet generally requires concentrated supplements; you'd have to feed an unrealistically large amount of fruits and other whole foods to meet this requirement. Fruits should be offered in addition to a balanced diet, but not to offer everything your horse needs.

Additionally, due to the great nutritional value associated with blueberries, it should come as no surprise that there are a significant number of health benefits for your horse as well.

For starters, blueberry powder can have a remarkably positive effect on your horse´s digestive system. BerryMoon powder can be considered as a natural remedy against diarrhea, so it is definitely recommended to add a few tablespoons to your horse´s diet when your horse is struggling in this regard. On top of that, our BerryMoon powder can really make it a lot easier for your horse to digest his food.

At the same time, Berrymoon powder has a very useful ability to restore balance to the intestinal flora. It should be noted that blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties, so feeding your horse our BerryMoon powder can help prevent certain intestinal infections and other digestive system inflammations.

Final considerations

Your horse has not vast lands to roam, as he would in a wild environment. There he would chew flowers, seeds, edible weeds, and fruits from vines and trees. It is a part of your job as horse owners and caretakers to uphold their boring diets with extra nutrients from fresh foods.

Yes, there are whole food supplements in the market, great ones. But why not add the fruit that tastes a lot better and is full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that can significantly impact your horse’s health? Give your horses love, give them BerryMoon powder.

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