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Help protect your horse´s vision

Updated: Mar 4

Did you know? Equine Uveitis is the leading cause of blindness among horses worldwide, veterinarians are still looking for the best ways to control painful inflammation. Most of the medical treatment focuses on the acute phase of the disease, when the horse is treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Giving them our BerryMoon powder everyday since they are foals and fillies, helps prevent this inflammation.

Blueberry Powder - Horse Edition
Help protect your horse´s vision

You can naturally help your horse with BerryMoon blueberry powder:

Horses have a very fragile ocular system, which can generate trauma that can cause inflammation of the retina (called uveitis), thus having serious consequences on the vision of equines.

Blueberries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that activate ocular blood circulation. Giving your horses BerryMoon Blueberry Powder regularly can improve vision and strengthen blood vessels in the eyes. Our BerryMoon powder also contains anthocyanins, which help reduce both high blood pressure and inflammation, and prevent blockages in the arteries that carry oxygen to the retina.

Blueberries are purple-hued superfruits that are rich in anthocyanins (powerful antioxidants). Giving them a concentrated version of these antioxidants, such as our BerryMoon blueberry powder, can help strengthen the structure of collagen in the retina and provide additional vision protection.

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