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Blueberry Powder complete the diet beyond traditional supplements for horse´s health

Concentrated supplements can offer many of the nutrients found in fruits to improve horse´s health. However, it is difficult, if not impossible, to bring together the entire essence of a plant into one commercial product.

Two horse enjoying the benefits of blueberry powder.
horse´s health

"In our Blueberry Powder, we ensure that your horse receives essential nutrients in trace amounts, enhancing their overall well-being in a way that surpasses the mere opening of a container. It's crucial to understand that while fruits can offer supplementary nutrition, bridging the gaps in a hay-based diet often necessitates concentrated supplements. Feeding your horse an excessive amount of fruits and whole foods to meet these needs is impractical.

However, incorporating blueberry powder by Berry Moon alongside a balanced diet can undoubtedly contribute to your horse's health. Blueberries, renowned for their nutritional value, offer numerous benefits to equine health.

Primarily, blueberry powder can significantly improve your horse's digestive health.

BerryMoon powder serves as a natural remedy for diarrhea, making it a valuable addition during episodes of digestive distress. Moreover, it facilitates smoother digestion, aiding in nutrient absorption.

Furthermore, BerryMoon powder plays a pivotal role in restoring intestinal flora balance. Blueberries possess anti-inflammatory properties, guarding against intestinal infections and inflammations. By incorporating our BerryMoon powder into your horse's diet, you provide proactive support for their digestive system health."

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